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Insightrussia – Business Conference –
Analysis and Trends of Russian Economy
Impact on your Financial Strategy

2015 continues to be a decisive year for the international investor´s community
to safeguard Russian-relevant investments.
Therefore we offer you a special second Edition of the “insightrussia”  business conference in   Frankfurt/Germany (April 29th,  2015)

Independent expert speakers

–    From Russia with an understanding of your Needs.
–    With country specific know how and access to actionable Information.
–    Oobjective answers relevant to the current most important Topics.

In 2015, around  130 bill USD corporate loans must be refinanced , in addition 90 bill USD will leave the country.  Official Russian sources expect a negative GDP change of minus 3%, however the international community expect minus 5%.

This conference also offers private  face – to – face meetings with Russian experts.

This conference follows the Chatham House Rule.
All participants are free to use  the information presented during this conference,  but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.

Contact: office (at) insightrussia.eu

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